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Mark Thompson

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About Mark

Mark Thompson grew up an avowed AV nerd and food lover in Ohio, where he split his time in the kitchen between learning to cook and taking apart small kitchen appliances. He spent most of his career in I.T. before founding the Sauce Stache YouTube channel in 2016. His work combines his enthusiasm for technical deconstruction with a passion for creating accessible yet impressive plant-based dishes.

Although not a trained chef, Mark's work combines equal parts classic technique, engaging banter, and molecular gastronomy to charm viewers and challenge them to cook outside their comfort zone. Vegan and vegetarian food doesn't have to be boring.

"The Weirdest, most fun science experiment in the world..."

Mark's innovative approach to treating recipe development like the weirdest, most fun science experiment in the world is proof that a plant-based diet truly can contain multitudes of delicious options. In just six years, Mark's content has garnered more than 70 million cumulative views on Facebook and YouTube.

In 2018, he made the move to creating content for Sauce Stache full time, and he's excited to take the brand to the next level. Mark currently resides in Florida, where he shares a home-turned-urban jungle with his Wife Monica and his dog Walker.