Combining EVERY Youtubers French Fry Recipe

I recently saw a video where @emmymade made one of the original McDonalds French Fry recipes! I was immediately suggested the fry recipe from @EthanChlebowski where he remixed a recipe from @aragusea. They both made an oven baked fry and used different techniques of boiling. Now in Emmys fry video she made a brine, other youtubers like @JoshuaWeissman and @internetshaquille also made potato like brines using baking soda to soften the potato and give it a crispier outside. I figured lets combine all of these recipes to make the PERFECT French Fry!! Did it work.. YEP!

Emmymade video
Emmymade adapted this recipe from mcmenu
Ethan Chlebowski video
Adam Ragusea video
Joshua Weissman video
Internet Shaquile Potato video

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