Realistic Bacon from Tofu came out better than I thought

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Does Tofu make the BEST Bacon? I think so… this was a test and I wanted to see if I could make a realistic bacon using tofu as the base and honestly even though it seemed like it wasnt going to work, we ended up with some pretty great tofu bacon. Actually we ended up with some pretty amazing tofu bacon.
So now im stoked about this technique… the first step of the drying then rehydrating works amazing, we leaned that in the last set of “does tofu make” videos. But now we have this layering concept that can be used in a lot of other projects
So what else should I try to find tofus best uses for?
I think does tofu make the best wagyu is coming up soon!

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The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!

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