The BEST Vegan Bacon EVER MADE is BACK


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Hooray Foods made arguably one of the best vegan bacons you could buy, but unfortunately they went out of business. Food production is a tough tough world, but being the amazing company they were they actually released their recipe!! So I wanted to give it a try and give my own vegan bacon spin on the whole thing!
Now this is super similar to how I already make my vegan pepperoni recipe and a few other starch based vegan bacons so I was excited to see what I could do here.
This recipe is easy, doesn’t take very many ingredients and can make enough to have a freezer full of vegan bacon for some time!

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No ONE would Know This is NOT Pork Belly


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No ONE would Know This is NOT Pork Belly… the is the best vegan pork belly I’ve tried and it was inspired by @VeggieAnh I’ll leave the link to her recipe below so you can try it for yourself!! I tuned it a bit based on recipes that I’ve made, because you know me… I can’t leave anything alone hahah! BUT this is WILDLY good! like really really good vegan pork belly… and IT BACONS! This vegan pork belly recipes really changes everything! I cant wait to test some more flavors using this as the base!

Veggie Anh links
Instagram where I saw the recipe:

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I made Bacon from Mochi


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I recently watched a short where @chefkennedy made a Mochi / Rice Paper bacon combination and it looked wild!
I made a Mochi bacon a few years ago and I remember being pretty excited about it, but this new version got me really curious, I had to try it… and im so glad I did.
Is this finally the end of my bacon journey?

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