Cooking Creamy Mushroom Pasta! A Delicious Twist on Risotto

I started messing around with making risotto recipes but using pasta noodles instead of rice I know weird right I didn’t invent this It’s been done before This is very similar to a lot of one pot meals but I just wanted to bring this to your attention It comes out amazing You can make this super creamy dish using any pasta you like It all comes together really fast So let me show you how First things first we need mushrooms I’m using about a pound of white button cap mushrooms and a disappointing mushroom mix that I got from Publix Come on Publix This is a gourmet mix It’s just a few oyster mushrooms and a bunch of portabellas chopped up This is not a gourmet blend First we’re going to wash our mushrooms I know a lot of you out there are freaking out at this point It’s okay to wash your mushrooms I mean they are covered in dirt Why would you not want to wash your

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