The perfect Tuna Melt contains NO Tuna… or cheese! #veganfood #dairyfree


The Perfect Tuna Melt HAS NO TUNA… and very crunch, hot, warm, and cold… It has all the senses! I learned this from my buddy Steve over at Not Another cooking show! His tuna melt looked fantastic and sounded really good so I decided to make a vegan tuna melt out of lions mane mushrooms!
This lions mane mushroom tuna melt is perfectly melty with 0 dairy, no cheese at all, but also the bread is crunchy. The cheese bread and tomato are hot and warm while the vegan tuna is cold! It hits everything just right!
This is the Perfect vegan tuna melt and I think you’re going to love it!

Steves Video – Tuna Melt