The recipes that make it all better

The recipes that make it all better… Why isn’t comfort food the number 1 medicine?
I have been suffering with stomach issues for the better part of 6 years. Through those 6 years docs have prescribed me so much junk that I feel like it’s just made everything worse. It wasnt until I saw my acupuncturist and she told me to just eat some simple porridge for a few days… And it worked!!! I’m not healed, but I got relieve and I’m on the road to help.
Wild that eating these for a few days straight is what got me relive but none of my doctors could/did tell me.

Congee recipes I watched. I know mine wasnt great, but it still worked.



Growing up I know a lot of people go to comfort foods when they dont feel well, but there might be a reason for it.
Let me know your thoughts!
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