How I REALLY Lost 100 Pounds – My Story

It’s hard to describe but this is how I lost 100 pounds.
There wasn’t a quick fix, it was a journey, lots of lessons learned. This is how I did it, all the things I changed to get to a healthier me.

2 years ago I started stating that I was going to be working on my health. I didn’t know what that meant at the time beyond that I knew I needed to change. I wanted to learn and teach myself, find new ways and be open minded but also give myself room to fail.

I’m still working on it. Not just my weight, but my over health health. Mental health, physical health… its all tied together!

I was nervous about releasing this as its so different from my norm. But just like running was different for me, or yoga was different, you don’t grow without experiencing something new so here we go!

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