Making Authentic CARBONARA VEGAN

I’ve wanted to see if I could make FRESH PASTA using JUST EGG… and then the idea came for an authentic carbonara recipe, using vegan replacements 1-1. Can we make non vegan recipes, vegan, by using off the shelf products and nail a perfect recipe?? Lets find out!

I used @NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW recipe for carbonara you can find here

Find all the products I used in the video here These are affiliate links, so I will make a little money off them – JOIN the SauceSquad

The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!

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