How Ramsay should have made his Vegan Steakhouse dinner


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How Ramsays should have made his Vegan Steakhouse dinner.
I was recently at Crossroads kitchen in LA and got to try their Vegan Eggplant steak! It was a skirt steak and it was really good and I knew I immediately wanted to try to make it! I was reminded of when I made Gordon Ramsays eggplant steak and how even though it tasted good, it was more of a side dish… so I wanted to use what I knew from his recipe to see if I could recreate this in a way that I felt was more accurate to a main course meal.

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Do Potatoes make the best Steak?


I saw a video where @veganphoodie made sweet potato tacos, but made the sweet potatoes more.. meaty. So I wanted to try it.. It made sense to me.. but I also wanted to test out some other roots and starchy veg to see what else could be made more meaty.

I’ve dehydrated and rehydrated tofu using a similar technique and that works great, this really does open the door for a lot more meaty food!

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Making ANY Meat from a Ball of DOUGH


Making ANY Meat from a Ball of DOUGH, today lets make steak!!!
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Seitan or washed flour meat has been trending lately, Mostly because of tiktok making chicken from washed flour! The washed flour meat technique has been around for well over a thousand years and there is a reason for it, its incredible! I hope you enjoy this simple way to make an incredible vegan steak!

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