Trying the Bryan Johnson “Anti Aging” Lunch

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Trying the Bryan Johnson “Anti Aging” Lunch
Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and author… and now Youtuber @BryanJohnson on a mission to create a blueprint to extend a healthier life through food and nutrition. He’s hired a team of scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and chefs along with constantly measuring changes to his own body and now along with others to create the perfect diet that slows down and reverses aging.
This is his lunch that he eats daily. I wanted to try it and give you my thoughts on the taste, how I felt, and my general thoughts.
I am NOT a health food junkie, I am not a nutritionist so I can’t give my thoughts there… But could I make the plunge and eat this every day? I don’t know.. maybe.

Bryans lunch video

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