I’m Putting Sweet Potato in EVERYTHING Lately!


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I’ve made baked sweet potato, air fried sweet potato, I’ve cubed them, sliced them and even diced. I’m putting sweet potato in everything lately. Today I’m going to make sweet potato tacos and sweet potato curry recipes. The sweet potato tacos I made for lunch and the sweet potato curry I made for dinner the next day. I’m trying to eat a sweet potato a day for a month (that video is coming next month) but I just wanted to show a few recipes now as im getting started.
Sweet potatoes are actually super healthy and good for you! They are loaded with fiber, b6 and potassium to name a few… but the fiber is one of the elements that really stands out for me! A whole sweet potato is pretty low in calories at around 160 calories but packs a big punch in keeping you feeling full so you get a good nutritions whole food plant based lunch or dinner while keeping it light on calories.

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