Making Incredibly REALISTIC BACON from Broccoli


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Making Incredibly REALISTIC BACON from Broccoli!! I’m bringing back the vegan bacon series with a bang!! Broccoli bacon!! I had this idea after I was reminiscing over some older videos and I was making dinner wondering how to prepare the broccoli and not waste the stems. I usually just cube them up and steam them with the rest of the broccoli but I thought I wonder if I could turn them into bacon… and Im so glad I tried!!

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I made Bacon from Mochi


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I recently watched a short where @chefkennedy made a Mochi / Rice Paper bacon combination and it looked wild!
I made a Mochi bacon a few years ago and I remember being pretty excited about it, but this new version got me really curious, I had to try it… and im so glad I did.
Is this finally the end of my bacon journey?

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